Friday, March 1, 2013


All sites are organized from easy (less difficult language and/or English support) to challenging.


ALCNetAcademyNext (Scroll down & click "NetAcademy..." on the bottom)
Choose: 医学英語<基礎>コース

ELLLO (Health) 
People from around the world talk about health.

TED Ed Talks(Health & Medicine)
TED Videos with quizzes

Lectures about health & medicine. Check English scripts after listening once. Some have scripts in Japanese.

New England Journal of Medicine Videos 
Academic research videos. Click CC to see subtitles. Only some videos are free: Hand hygiene  Emergency Pericardiocentesis   Blood-Pressure Measurement

Midwifery(助産師)News: BBC  Guardian  International Midwives

MOOCs  (インターネット上で世界の有名大学の講義を無料で受講することが可能なサイトのことで,主に以下の2種類のサイトがあります。)
edX Medicine

Coursera Medicine & Health Care

Vocabulary  (Quizlet)
Accidents, Illnesses, & Disease  (try below)    Illnesses 2    
Anatomy (body parts)          Drugs/Medicines