ELLLO Law Conversations - Conversations with people around the world about law or lawyers.
After you listen, check the script and take a quiz.

TED Law Talks - Interesting lectures with scripts in English (& some in Japanese)
Check scripts after listening once. 

Literacy Net, Crime - CNN (somewhat low quality) videos about crimes. Support activities for learners. 
Choose an interesting article, click "Story", and then click Real video player to watch.

People’sCourt on YouTube - A TV show with real US court cases. No learner support.

Yale Law School Lectures -  No learner support.

CNN Justice - Law news from the US

Guardian Law - Law news from the UK

Dumb Laws   Lawsuits  Criminals - Read about crazy laws, lawsuits, and crimes

MOOCs  (インターネット上で世界の有名大学の講義を無料で受講することが可能なサイトのことで,主に以下の2種類のサイトがあります。)
edX Law 

Coursera Law

Play here or on Quizlet. Help edit this set. (Join the "Okayama University" class, click on a set, and click "Edit this Set".).