Study notes

Study Notes

When you work in class or do homework, it is good to write down what you study.

1. Reflect on your study style. (Is it effective?)
2. Remember what you study so you can review. (Writing it down & reviewing makes you remember & learn much more! If you don't review, you may forget 90%!)

If you do Listening or Reading:
Write in a notebook or you can copy/paste this: 

学習時間___ 分
教材 (site/topic; add link): 
点数 (クイズがあったら):
教材としてどうだったか: (Interesting? A good level for you (not too easy or too difficult)? Good topic for your goals? Good length?, etc.)
学習態度 (Focused? Sleepy? Bored? Distracted? Motivated? Frustrated?)

If you do Vocabulary or Review:
Write in a notebook or you can copy/paste this: 
Study time: ___ minutes
Your score (if there was a quiz):
How were your study habits? Focused? Sleepy? Bored? Distracted? Motivated? Frustrated?)


1. Review
Time: 15 minutes
Site/topic: Reviewed ELLLO lesson (about New York)

Time: 30 minutes
Site/topic: National Geographic Kids : Spiders on Body
Main point: A boy tries to break a record: get in a box of 125 spiders for 30 seconds! He did it and he thinks it is fun!
Score: (no quiz)
Your opinion: It was disgusting because I hate spiders. But still I think he was brave and I was encouraged by his effort.
New words: Paramedics = emergency doctors
           Black widow = kind of spider?
How was this for learning English?: Interesting!, but a little too fast. It's UK English....  I should focus more on US English since I want to live in the US and my boyfriend is American. 
How were your study habits? I was focused but getting sleepy. I should eat breakfast before class!

3. Time: 20 minutes
Studied Quizlet (TOEIC Words)