Making a plan

Consider the following in as much detail as you can so you can make an effective study plan. 

1. What is your language learning history? 
* Have you... taken eikaiwa classes? ...visited the L-Cafe? ...spent time overseas? ...had a chance to talk with foreigners? 
* How have you studied English (by watching movies, listening to music, reading, websites, etc.)?

2. What is your current language level? Think of your strengths and weaknesses. 
* Skills/strategies (listening, speaking, reading, & writing)
* Language aspects (pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, grammar)
* Fluency (listening to English at a native speed, reading quickly, typing rapidly, etc.)

3. Think about your long-term goals. Why are you studying English?
to get a job? / to work using English? / for research? /  to travel? / to form & maintain relationships with foreigners? / to study abroad? / to enjoy English media (film, novels, news, music, etc.)?

4. What do you need to reach your goal?
* Do you need a certain test score? (If so, which test? TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken, etc. What score do you need?)
* Which variety of English? (British, American, World Englishes, etc.)
* Which area(s) should you focus? (academic, business, conversation)

5. What are your learning preferences?
* What topics do you like to study in English? (sports, music, food, etc.)
* How do you like to study? (with books, computers, videos, YouTube, flash cards,
 taking notes, speaking, etc.)
* What materials do you like?
* When do you study best? (morning, afternoon, evening)
* How long can you study without getting distracted or sleepy?
* What do you do to refocus? (stretching, eye drops, coffee, etc.)

6. Considering the above, make a tentative plan (it may change later) for your independent learning. Be specific: Exactly what will you study? For homework, when will you study and for how long? Where?

End of Semester Evaluation & Reflection


1. What were the most useful sites, materials, or study strategies you used?

2. Do you think you improved English by studying independently? How was your improvement, compared to a normal English class?

3. Did you enjoy your independent study? Again, compare this with your normal English classes.

4. In the future, will you study English more independently? If so, what is your plan? Explain.

Self-Evaluation 自己評価

a. Did you study enough? (in class + 30min.)

b. Did you study smartly (good level & strategy; matching your needs)

c. Your grade: