Listening News

To improve your listening skills, try the following steps:
1. Find an interesting video at a good level (= a little bit challenging).
2. Look at the title & images. Think about the topic before listening.
3. Listen once without stopping & without checking the script. Focus on the main points (don't worry if you can't catch everything).
   - If there is a quiz, do it to check your comprehension.
   - If there is no quiz, note the main points.
4. Listen again & again (especially to challenging or important parts) to learn new language.
  - If there is a script or vocabulary help, check it.
5. Review the lesson many times to improve your fluency & vocabulary.

Sites with Activities for English Learners:

Breaking News English: Short listening activities (no video). Many speeds. Includes dictation & quizzes.

VOA News Videos: Slow, with subtitles. Only for basic-level learners (<400 TOEIC)

No longer updated:
BBC Learning English: News Report: UK news with support for students

English Bites: Australian

CNN Learning Resources: CNN video news stories, with activities for students. (Choose an interesting article, click "Story", and then click "Real Video Player" to watch.)

Useful Sites, but with No Support for English Learners:

Australia: ABC

US: Yahoo News   CNN   NPR (no video - recommended for TOEFL iBT prep) VOX

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