Listening News

To improve your listening skills, try the following steps:
1. Find an interesting video at a good level (= a little bit challenging).
2. Look at the title & images. Think about the topic before listening.
3. Listen once without stopping & without checking the script. Focus on the main points (don't worry if you can't catch everything).
   - If there is a quiz, do it to check your comprehension.
   - If there is no quiz, note the main points.
4. Listen again & again (especially to challenging or important parts) to learn new language.
  - If there is a script or vocabulary help, check it.
5. Review the lesson many times to improve your fluency & vocabulary.

BBC Learning English: News Report: UK news with support for students

Breaking News English: Short listening activities (no video). Many speeds and includes dictation and quizzes.

VOA News Videos: Slow, with subtitles. Only for basic-level learners (<400 TOEIC)

NHK World News: Listen to news about Japan.

English Bites: Australian news stories. (Click on a story & then choose a media player.)

CNN Learning Resources: CNN video news stories, with activities for English students. (Choose an interesting article, click "Story", and then click "Real Video Player" to watch.)

Yahoo News    -   CNN    -    BBC: Current news about many topics. (No support for learners, but you can read a brief summary of the story before your hear it.)

National Public Radio: America's national radio station (recommended for TOEFL iBT preparation course).

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